Outlook public bath


Outlook public bath

Wakasa Bettei has a bath on the top floor.
This is the only place where you can enjoy a panorama which takes in the rooftop of the Great Buddha Hall and Mt. Wakakusa from a bath. Relax body and soul and ease travel fatigue while your mind drifts back to the age of the Manyo.

Outlook public bath

The large skylight window gives the bath a spacious and relaxing feel.
At dusk, gaze upon distant warm lights, stretch out your arms and legs in the spacious bath and ease your weariness.

Outlook public bath Outlook public bath Outlook public bath

A relaxing space with a high skylight window.
The thick beam in the dressing room is like the ones you find in old folk houses, and represents the ryokan's concept of cherishing the atmosphere of Nara.

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